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[Exclusive Interview] Rainbow Pigment: Trend and Craft from Italy


Hangzhou Rainbow Pigment Co., Ltd. is a sole corporation invested and established by Italy IMA S.R.L. Company in 1998 to manufacture and sell various PU&PVC synthetic leathers, genuine leather, foamed PU, Italian high-grade pigment, resins, treating agents and auxiliaries used for plastics. Susan Han (hereinafter referred to as Han)---General Manager in Rainbow Pigment accepted an exclusive interview by the reporter from JUMORE News(hereinafter referred to as Ju) at 2017 All China Leather Exhibition on August 31.



JUMORE NEWS: Is the company a Chinese or Italian team?

General Manger Han: Rainbow Pigment is a solely-invested owned Italian company established in Hangzhou in 1998. At that time, only PVC was manufactured in the domestic industry. PU leather was introduced into China by Italy and so we could be regarded as the first enterprise in China to manufacture PU chemical materials. Our main products cover the colorants, surface treating agents, polyurethane resins and so on. We have some products imported from Italy and we have Italian research and development technologies and together with our own domestic research and development teams, thereafter, we developed our factory in Taiwan. The interactions among three places formed the company’s advanced research and development as well as stable product quality, having advantages in the industry comparatively.

JUMORE NEWS: Which fields are the products mainly used in?

General Manger Han: Now application fields of synthetic leathers have been wide more and more, like sofa, automobiles, shoes, soft decoration for home, leather bag and packaged jewel box. The application scope of this industry is getting more and more wide and the prospect is very well. Synthetic leather used in clothing is a new field as well. Now textile coating is coming closer to the leather industry to enable the combination of technology. The leather was just be foamed before, but now some coatings and sections are directly made on the cloths. In this case, the genuine leather effect becomes more and more obvious.

JUMORE NEWS: Are there any influence on pigment industry when national policies on environmental protection are getting more and more stringent?

General Manger Han: Now the environmental protection policies in all walks of life are really strict. We have also researched and developed some new products such as solvent-free, water-based products. On early stage, there were some solvents and UAC emissions from chemical plants and some solvent evaporation during the whole production process to pollute the atmosphere and influence the health protection for employees in the work environment. Now we are manufacturing the water-based and solvent-free products. Along with more and more strict control on genuine leather and environmental protection, our technical contents in the industry will make us be more stable in the industry.

JUMORE NEWS: What are advantages of Italian company relative to domestic enterprise?

General Manger Han: Our colorants, surface treating agents auxiliaries are latest products introduced from Italy, having leading technology. Our series of pigment products are bright for color, less for additions, good for dispersibility and stable for performance, no discoloration and no migration during the productive process, which are ideal raw materials for the production of synthetic leathers. We can also customize special required pigments and surface treating agents according to our customers' demand.

Moreover, Italy is a fashionable country. Every year, Italy will generate some new fashion trends. New materials, techniques and formulations will be provided to us, and then we will redigest and rematch to form our own products. In this way, the price and the date of delivery will be more adaptable to domestic products.

JUMORE NEWS: Just now, many customers came to say hello. It seems that they are all old friends?

General Manger Han: Yes. Rainbow Pigment has almost 20 years’ history and we have many old customers. And also many friends will introduce us to others, so some customers are came by public praise.
But now, it is an Internet era, the traditional companies like us should also keep pace with the times. Our Rainbow Pigment is also trying to promote investment through the network. We hope to expand market channels with the help of the network.


·Some new products provided by Rainbow Pigment are as follows (for specific information, please watch JUMORE NEWS video interview)

Temperature sensing (wet process base)

Sensitization (wet process base)

Upper left: water based yangbuck treating agent (yangbuck leather)
Bottom left: glass crushes (wet process base)
Upper right: high solid bright surface treating resin (wet process base)
Bottom right: treated resin on high solid fogging surface (nubuck base)


Rainbow Pigment has been settled in JUMORE NEWS. Customers can contact us through JUMORE NEWS.

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