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RW- environment-friendly resin-free water-based color paste is suitable for various water-based resin systems, can be applied to all the processes including wet method, dry method and posterior section during production of synthetic leather, and can also be applied to coloring in textile coatings, building coatings, industrial coating paint and various other fields.


High concentration water born pigments, polyurethane free.good cover, bright coloured.They can mix with many kinds of water born PU resin, suitable for wet-process, textiles direct coating and special washed leathers.

Physical characteristics

Solvent: water

Degree of fineness: ≤10um

Colouring power: 100±3%

Packing: 50kg plastic drums.


The product must be stored at temperatures between -1 and 30℃. In these conditions the product is stable for 6 months. Keep packing perfectly sealed, stir well before use.


Light fastness: from 8(good) to 1(bad) / other: from 5(good) to 1(bad)