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ALBA, lime based mineral decorative finish. It allows to obtain the typical Travertine appearance with a porous and lined surface. The aesthetic finish obtained is very elegant and resistant to the atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a high level of breathability. 
The formulation is formaldehyde-free, low-VOC and with low organic content.
ALBA may be further decorated with PATINA decorative waxes.
May be applied on:
• New and old plasters based on hydraulic binders.
• Old paints and wall coatings of mineral nature, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive.
• Mineral conglomerates of various kinds, as long as they are absorbent.
• Surfaces should be adequately prepared by following the instructions given in the paragraph 'SURFACE PREPARATION’.
• Do not apply on freshly painted surfaces.
• To improve the adhesion of ALBA on old synthetic paint is appropriate to apply one coat of mineral anchoring base.
• Type of binder: air-hardening lime
• Organic content: <5%
• Solvent: water
• Viscosity per UNI 8902: paste
• Water permeability per UNI EN 1062-3: medium, w=0,20 kg/m²h^0,5.
• Water vapor permeability per UNI EN ISO 7783- 2: high, Sd<0,1m.
• Class of reaction to fire ISO 1716: A1
• Drying times (at 25and 65% R.H.): touch dry  in 2-3 hours; coatability after 12 hours (depending on the thickness applied).
Plaster surfaces:
• Make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried and aged. Resurface or consolidate using specific products if necessary.
• In case of mold or algae presence, treat the surface with a specific cleanser.
• Brush or wash to remove any efflorescence and any old peeling paint.
• Completely remove any raised lime- based layers.
• Remove any dust, smog or other deposits by brushing.
• Indoor and outdoor cracks must be suitably widened and filled with fillers or similar products.
• Smooth if necessary with cement or lime based mortar for levelling and reconstructing, according to the type of substrate.
• Only in case of particularly flaky surfaces apply ATOMO insulating wall fixative with fine particles.
• If the substrate is not homogeneous, and in presence of old paints, fillers, patches, to level the surface applying a mineral priming coat.
• Proceed with the application of ALBA according to the procedures described under “Instructions for use".
• Since the drying and carbonation of ALBA, like all lime products, are highly susceptible to the temperature and humidity levels, it is advisable to apply the product when temperatures are in the range +10 °C to +35 °C and the relative humidity of the air <75%.
• Avoid applying the product in direct sunlight.
• Following the application, exterior surfaces must be protected from rain and damp until the product is completely dry, which normally occurs (at 20 ) after approx. 72 hours.
• The exposure to the atmospheric agents, rain, high humidity, lowland temperature can generate phenomena of whitening finishes during the carbonation process. Such phenomenon can turn out irreversible in particularly extreme conditions.
• If the surface does not require the fixative, it is nonetheless recommended to dampen it to prevent the wall from drawing an excessive amount of water from the binder.
• Tools: stainless steel trowel.
• N. coats: at least 2 coats of product must be applied to prepare the undercoat.
• Dilution: ready to used.
Apply an undercoat to even out the surface.
• After 12 hours, apply an additional coat of product to obtain a suitable thickness;
• As soon as surface tension starts, apply small amounts of material, wet on wet, compressing the surfaces and compacting them so as to fill the porous areas.
• Scrape the surface with the blade of the tool, taking care to keep the trowel perpendicular to the surface so as to give the travertine marble vein effect.
• Smooth over the product to compact the surface.
• Clean tools with water immediately after use.
• Indicative spreading rate: 2.5-3 kg /  for 2 coats, with reference smooth surfaces with average porosity. It is advisable to establish the effective yield with a preliminary trial on the surface to be treated.
Bianco and ALBA color collection are obtainable via the ABC cromie color matching system.
The product may also be tinted using RW serie products.
When using multiple batches it is recommended to remix the various products together to avoid slight differences in shading.
For outdoor tasks it is a good rule of thumb to always use material from the same batch, from corner to corner. For tasks where it is unavoidable to continue on a wall with a different batch, do not place the batches contiguously. For the transition point, use any interruptions in the continuity of the surface: moldings, corners, cables, etc.
Temperature for storage stability:  from +5 °C to +35 °C
The product should be preferably used within 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in original unopened containers and in appropriate temperature conditions.
Limit value EU (Dir. 2004/42/EC)
Cat .A/l: Decorative effect coatings (water-base): 200 g/l (2010)
ALBA Contains max: 3 g/l VOC
Irritating to skin. / risk of serious damage to eyes. / keep out of the reach of children. / avoid contact with eyes. / in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. / wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection. / if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
The product must be transported, used and stored in accordance with the standards in force regarding hygiene and safety; let the residues dry out completely and treat them as special waste. Consult the safety data sheet for additional information.
Colorificio San Marco guarantees that the information herein is provided to the best of its technical and scientific knowledge and based on its experience; nonetheless, the company may not be held liable for the results obtained using these products, as application conditions are beyond its control. It is recommended to always make sure that the product is suited to each specific instance. The present sheet voids and replaces any previously existing sheets. For further technical information pleasevisitourwebsite