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ATOMO is a solvent free water dilutable insulating agent with high penetration, especially suitable for impregnating and consolidating indoor and outdoor mineral surfaces.
Formulated with polymers having extremely fine particles, it
offers high penetrating power and is able to consolidate wall surfaces especially prone to chalking and already painted with multiple residual layers of old paints.
Thanks to its performance, ATOMO offers a valid alternate
solution to classic solvent-based bonding agents, with the substantial difference that both application and drying take place without producing any volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.
ATOMO improves cohesion and evens the absorption of the support surface, creating the ideal anchor for subsequent paint layers, isolating them from the alkaline environment typical of concrete and similar surfaces.
May be applied on:
- Insulating system surfaces.
- New and old plasters based on hydraulic binders.
- Concrete surfaces.
- Gypsum and gypsumboard surfaces.
- Old paints and wall coatings of organic or mineral in nature, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive.
Mineral conglomerates of various kinds, as long as they are absorbent.
Surfaces should be adequately prepared by following the instructions given in the paragraph 'PREPARING THE SURFACE'.
Do not apply on freshly painted surfaces.
- Type of binder: low-odor microemulsion
- Solvent: water
- Specific gravity UNI EN ISO 2811-1: 1,00 ± 0,05 kg/l.
- Efflux time per UNI 2431: 46” ± 3” Iso n. 3 cup at 25 °C
Drying (at 25  and 65% R.H.): touch dry in 30-40 min; coatability after 2 hours.
-Report n. N. 3728F2011 by Studio ASA – Treviso
-Measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC): <5.7 mg/kg
-Measurement of Free formaldehyde: <1 mg/kg
Plaster, gypsum and gypsumboard surfaces:
Make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried and aged. Resurface or consolidate using specific products if necessary.
- If mold is present, treat the surface with cleanser, and with reconstruction product.
Brush or wash to remove any efflorescence and any old peeling paint. Completely eliminate any raised layers of lime-based or tempera paints.
- Remove any dust, smog or other deposits by brushing.
Level any irregularities in the surface and treat holes, cracks, crevices and gaps indoor. Use adequate sealants to seal any cracks.
- Sand putty and touch-ups with sandpaper; remove dust.
Smooth if necessary the plaster surface according to the type of support.
Make sure the surface is completely dry and apply ATOMO following the instruction sections.
After at least 2 hours, proceed with the application of the finishing product.
Concrete surfaces:
Buff the surfaces and eliminate any coats of old paint flaking away.
- If mold is present, treat the surface with cleanser, and with reconstruction product.
Remove any structural concrete parts which are not perfectly adherent.
The reinforced-concrete rods protruding from the surface must be thoroughly buffed and treated.
Restore the missing parts with the smoothing coats non-shrinking thixotropic fiber-reinforced mortar and the final smoothing with non-shrinking anti-carbonation smoothing.
Make sure the surface is completely dry and apply ATOMO following the instruction sections.
After at least 2 hours, proceed with the application of the finishing product.
Stone or brick surfaces:
Dust and clean the surfaces; if there is a layer of dirt, encrusted surface, scales, etc., clean with high pressure water, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting, or chemical cleaning. It is advisable to perform a preliminary test to determine the most effective method and type of cleaning.
- If mold is present, first treat the surface with cleanser and with reconstruction product.
-Make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried and apply a layer of ATOMO following the instruction sections.
- Air and support surface conditions:
Air temperature: Min. +8 °C / Max. +35 °C Relative environmental humidity: <75%
Support surface temperature: Min. +5 °C / Max. +35 °C Moisture level of the support surface: <10%
Avoid applying when surface condensation is present, or in direct sunlight.
- Tools: brush, roller.
- Nr coats: 1-2 coats are applied, wet on wet.
- Thinner: water
Dilution: varies greatly depending on the type and absorption of the substrate.
-On gypsum and gypsumboard from 50 to 100%;
-On plaster and in the presence of old peeling paints from 100 to 200%.
-On concrete from 200 to 300%
The correct amount may be determined by observing when an opalescent patina forms on the treated surface. Excessive quantities may form a compat layer that interferes with adherence of subsequent paint layers; on the other hand, too little bonding agent makes it difficult to apply and thus increases consumption, reduces its ability to anchor the finish, and may lead to uneven absorption.
- Tools must be washed immediately after use with water.
- Indicative covering capacity:
-Surfaces with average absorbancy, plasters, smoothing coats, gypsum and gypsumboard: 15-18 sqm/l.
-Lime based surfaces or very absorbant surfaces: 8-10sqm/l.
-It is advisable to perform a preliminary test on the specific support surface to determine yield.
Temperature for storage stability:  from +5°C to +30°C
The product should be preferably used within 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in original unopened containers and in appropriate temperature conditions.
Limit value EU (Dir. 2004/42/EC)
Cat. H: Binding primers (water-base): 50 g/l (2007) / 30 g/l (2010)
ATOMO contains max: 30 g/l VOC
The product does not require labelling according to the Directives 1999/45/EC and 67/548/EEC and subsequent amendments. Use the product in compliance with the hygiene and safety regulations in force. Do not dispose of the containers as usual waste. Allow the residue to dry, and handle them as special waste. Store out of the reach of children. Use in a well-ventilated room. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, wash them immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed, immediately consult a physician and show him the container or label. Do not throw the residues into sewer systems or streams, or onto the ground.
Consult the safety data sheet for more information.
Odorless water dilutable SOLVENT FREE wall bonding agent for outdoor/indoor use
Applications, on pre-primed surfaces, of ATOMO acrylic water-based wall bonding, with a microemulsion base appropriate for impregnating wall surfaces, in an amount depending on the support surface absorption.