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DECORFILM is a water-based protective coating specific for protecting interior and exterior surfaces treated with decorative finishes, water-based paints and varnishes.
The acrylic modified urethane formulation creates an easy cleaning protective coat that has excellent mechanical resistance.
On walls covered with coloured water-based paints, the application of DECORFILM lessens the surface streaking phenomena.
Fast drying and non-yellowing, DECORFILM has excellent flow and adhesion properties.
Available in both gloss or matt versions, perfectly mixable with each other. You can thus obtain various gloss levels that are suitable to the background surface to protect.
It complies with the requirements of Reg. EC 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs.
Can be applied to:
- Organic decorative finishes
Mineral decorative finishes only in interiors: apply DECORFILM OPACO (matt) and DECORFILM LUCIDO
(gloss), mixed together at a 1:1 ratio. Sslaked lime is an exception: if used, you must only use DECORFILM LUCIDO.
Water-based paints and varnishes of various aesthetic effects
Old paints and organic, mineral, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive coatings.
Determine the DECORFILM finish that is best suited for the type of product to protect. DECORFILM OPACO is normally recommended for flat-satin surfaces, while DECORFILM LUCIDO is generally used for glossy surfaces. The spreading of the glossy version over matt surfaces will alter the final appearance.
DECORFILM has good resistance to normal household detergents. It is recommended that a preliminary cleaning test be performed on a small hidden area of the substrate in order to specifically test the resistance.
- Avoid using denatured ethyl alcohol in both pure form and in detergent solutions.
- Do not use abrasive sponges to clean the surfaces.
-Binder: acrylic modified urethane resin in aqueous dispersion.
-Specific gravity per UNI EN ISO 2811-1: 1.00 ± 0.05 kg/l
-Viscosity per UNI 8902: 1000 ± 200 cps at 25 °C
-Gloss per UNI EN ISO 2813:
-DECORFILM LUCIDO: >80 reading angle 60°
-DECORFILM OPACO: 5±2 reading angle 85°
-LUCIDO/OPACO mixture at 1:1 ratio: 10±2 reading angle 60°
-LUCIDO/OPACO mixture at 2:1 ratio: 20±2 reading angle 60°
-Drying times (at 25 °C and 65% R.H.): dust free in 1 hour; to touch in 2-3 hours; to recoat after 4 hours.
HACCP conform to the requirements of Reg. EC 852/2004
Test report N.232F2017 Studio ASA - Treviso, according to Standard UNI 11021: 2002.
Wall surfaces:
Apply DECORFILM onto surfaces covered with decorative effects, paints or varnishes that are compact, dry and void of inconsistencies.
- Ambient and support surface conditions:
-Ambient temperature: Min. +8 °C / Max. +35 °C Relative environmental humidity: <75%
-Support surface temperature: Min. +5 °C / Max. +35 °C Moisture level of the support surface: <10%
- Tools: brush, roller, spray, sponge trowel.
- Number of coats: 1 - 2.
- Diluent: water
Dilution: varies depending on the absorption and the equipment used. Normally dilute first and second coat at 5-15%. For high absorbent surfaces, dilute the first coat at 25-30%.
- Clean the tools immediately after use with water.
Approximate spreading rate: strongly influenced by the nature of the product being covered. 10-12 m2/l per coat for average absorbing smooth surfaces.
The product is available colourless in the matt version and glossy version.
Temperature for storage stability: from +5°C to +30°C
The product should be preferably used within 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in original unopened containers and in appropriate temperature conditions.
Limit value EU (Dir. 2004/42/EC)
Cat. A/l: decorative effect coatings (water-base): 200 g/l (2010)
DECORFILM contains max: 100 g/l VOC
Use the product according to current standards of hygiene and safety after use, do not litter containers, allow the residue to dry and treat them as special waste. Do not empty into drains, water courses or onto the ground. For more information see the safety data sheet.
Urethane modified acrylic resin based interior and exterior protective paint in an aqueous dispersion.
Specific for surfaces that have been previously treated with organic decorative coatings, interior mineral coatings, water-based paints and varnishes, DECORFILM is available in a matt version and a glossy version, depending on the desired aesthetic result.
DECORFILM is applied in 1-2 coats, depending on the desired aesthetic finish. The amount required will depend on the absorption of the substrate.