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PAINTOP ANTIALGA is an external wall emulsion based on acrylic resins and silica components, highly effective in covering and masking imperfections in the support. The acrylic resin component provides the product with high washability and resistance to the alkaline environment typical of cement supports and mortars in general. Thanks to its special formulation - enriched with anti-mould and anti-algae additives - preserves treated surfaces against the formation of mould, algae and moss. Surfaces painted with PAINTOP ANTIALGA assume an opaque aesthetic aspect.
May be applied on:
- New and old plasters based on hydraulic binders.
- Concrete surfaces.
- Old paints and wall coatings of organic or mineral in nature, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive.
Mineral conglomerates of various kinds, as long as they are absorbent.
Surfaces should be adequately prepared by following the instructions given in the paragraph 'PREPARING THE SURFACE’.
Do not apply on freshly painted surfaces.
- Type of binder: acrylic copolymer in aqueous emulsion
- Classification per UNI EN 1062-1: (paints for exterior)
-Gloss per EN ISO 2813: class G3 (<10 matt)
-Dry film thickness per ISO 3233: class E3 (100-200 μm)
-Grain size per EN ISO 787-18: class S2 (<300 μm medium)
-Water vapour transmission rate per UNI EN ISO 7783-2: class V3 (Sd>1,4 m low)
-Liquid water permeability per UNI EN 1062-3: class W2(0.1-0.5 medium)
-Crack-bridging per UNI EN 1062-7A: class A0 (no requirement)
-CO2 permeability per UNI EN 1062-6: class C0 (no requirement)
Other characteristics
- Specific gravity per UNI EN ISO 2811-1: 1,67±0,05 kg/l
Viscosity per UNI 8902: 52000 ± 4000 cps at 25 °C (Brookfield viscometer)
- Maximum quartz granulometry: 100 μm
Wet-scrub resistance per UNI 10560: >5000 cycles, excellent
- Alkali resistance per UNI 10795: alkaliproof
Mould and algae resistant per UNI EN 15457 and UNI EN 15458
Drying time (at 25 °C and 65% R.H.): to touch in 30 min; to recoat after 4 hours.
Plastered surfaces:
Ensure that the surface has matured for at least 28 days.
Check the state of maintenance. The surface must be solid. Otherwise reface or consolidate with specific products.
- Remove, brushing or washing, encrustation.
Where painted, removed flaked and non-adherent areas, thick layers of whitewash and/or distemper must be totally removed wetting the surface abundantly or using a water jet cleaner.
Smooth out irregular surfaces. Holes, flaking, cracks and dips should be filled; on external walls using netting and cement based products.
Cracks, indoors and out, should be suitably widened and filled with putty or similar.
- Smooth putty and filler with emery paper.
- Remove deposits of dust, smog and similar, by brushing.
- In the presence of mildew, treat the surface first with Detergent and Protection products.
- Ensure that the support is fully dry and apply:
Indoors a coat of acrylic mural fixative (diluted with water if needed).
On outside surfaces or indoor surfaces with old distemper or powdery surfaces, apply a coat of solvent mural fixative.
Proceed with application of PAINTOP ANTIALGA as described in the application instructions.
Reinforced concrete surfaces:
Brush the surfaces and eliminate eventual coats of old or flaking paint.
- Remove the poorly adherent structural parts in cement.
Metallic terminations of reinforcements touching the surface, after cleaning and removal of rust present, must be treated with rust-proofing.
Renovate the missing parts with thixotropic non shrink fibre reinforced Plaster and/or non shrink anti-carbonating plaster.
- In the presence of mildew, treat the surface first with Detergent and Protection products.
- Ensure that the support is fully dry and apply:
Indoors a coat of acrylic mural fixative (diluted with water if needed). On outside surfaces or indoor surfaces with old distemper or powdery surfaces, apply a coat of solvent mural fixative.
Proceed with application of PAINTOP ANTIALGA as described in the application instructions.
(The dilution of the insulator and the quantity to be applied depend on the absorption of the support and should be determined by preliminary test on the specific support)
- Air and support surface conditions:
-Air temperature: Min. +8 °C / Max. +35 °C Relative environmental humidity: <75%
-Support surface temperature: Min. +5 °C / Max. +35 °C Moisture level of the support surface: <10%
Avoid applying when surface condensation is present, or in direct sunlight.
- To avoid compromising the optimal appearance and performance of the product, we recommend that it be applied only in the aforementioned climate conditions, and that the surfaces be protected from rain and damp for approximately 48 hours. This will allow the product to dry completely and ensure even polymerization, which takes place in approximately 10 days.
Surfaces bathed by rainwater during the approximately 10 days, could show translucent vertical lines. Such an occurrence does not compromise the product's performance, and may be removed by high-pressure water cleansing or after subsequent rainfalls.
Application on surfaces with salt efflorescence or subject to rising damp may interfere with the product's adherence to the support. It is therefore necessary to first reconstruct the masonry using dehumidifying plasters, then paint with siloxanic system.
The protection of anti-mold and anti-algae finishes is of sacrificial nature: the efficacy and durability are strongly influenced by the severity of the environmental and climatic exposure, the building category, and the application system selected.
- Tools: brush or wool-roller.
- N. coats: at least 2 coats.
Dilution: for brush: first coast at 35-40% with water; at 20-25% for the second coat.
Airless application is not recommended due to the abrasive effect of the silica elements in the product.
Indicative yield: 7-8 m²/litre per coat on smooth surfaces of average absorption. It is opportune to determine the effective yield with a preliminary test on the specific support.
Colors are obtainable via RW serie products.
When using multiple batches it is recommended to remix the various products together to avoid slight differences in shading.
For outdoor tasks it is a good rule of thumb to always use material from the same batch, from corner to corner. For tasks where it is unavoidable to continue on a wall with a different batch, do not place the batches contiguously. For the transition point, use any interruptions in the continuity of the surface: moldings, corners, cables, etc.
Temperature for storage stability:  from +5°C to +30°C
The product should be preferably used within 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in original unopened containers and in appropriate temperature conditions.
Limit value EU (Dir. 2004/42/EC)
Cat. A/c: coatings for exterior walls of mineral substrate (water-base): 75 g/l (2007) / 40 g/l (2010)
PAINTOP ANTIALGA contains max: 40 g/l VOC
Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. / Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not empty into drains. / Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. / If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show container or label.
The product must be transported, used and stored in accordance with the standards in force regarding hygiene and safety; let the residues dry out completely and treat them as special waste. Consult the safety data sheet for additional information.
Applications, on prepared surfaces, of PAINTOP ANTIALGA series 638 quartz emulsion, anti-mould anti-algae, acrylic resin based in aqueous emulsion and selected quarts, in at least 2 coats, in the quantities determined by support absorption.