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  • Summary: ALBA, lime based mineral decorative finish. It allows to obtain the typical Travertine appearance with a porous and lined surface.
  • Summary: ALCHIMIA is a decorative finish for indoor use which creates metallic effect surfaces of particular beauty.
  • Summary: DOLCEVITA is a decorative finish for indoor use with special pearly effects.
  • Summary: FANTASIA is a mineral decorative finish based on lime and selected marble with satin effect.
  • Summary: ELISIR Venetian trowelled softly polished product suitable for the interior decoration.
  • Summary: ATOMO is a solvent free water dilutable insulating agent with high penetration, especially suitable for impregnating and consolidating indoor and outdoor mineral surfaces.
  • Summary: DECORFOND is a highly washable base product specifically developed to prepare indoor wall surfaces before all other products.
  • Summary: DECORFILM is a water-based protective coating specific for protecting interior and exterior surfaces treated with decorative finishes, water-based paints and varnishes.
  • Summary: LAGUNA 3.0 is a odorless washable water based wall paint that allows to obtain finishes with a high whiteness and very matt properties.
  • Summary: PATINA is a water-based decorative wax to treat indoor lime-based mineral decorative finishes.
  • Summary: PAINTOP ANTIALGA is an external wall emulsion based on acrylic resins and silica components, highly effective in covering and masking imperfections in the support.
  • Summary: UNIMARC SMALTO MURALE LUCIDO is a water-based wall enamel for interiors and exteriors based on acrylic resins.
  • Summary: